Home Truths (2019)


Commissioned by Nudge Community Builders as part of the Creative Civic Change programme



The Home Truths project was a way to address the persistent problem of local media defining the Stonehouse District in a negative way. More than 70 residents were asked their opinion of living in the neighbourhood and the answers were printed letterpress on fabric supplied by Mrs Marvellous, Joanna Shepherd, who recycled and organically dyed it.

The posters were hung in a tree to blow in the wind outside the Scrapstore and on railings in the courtyard of the Clipper, Union Street. Paper versions were also pasted to the wall of the Clipper to create a Truth Wall. The use of soft furnishings such as curtain material added a domesticity and made it possible to print tough messages without insult. When Plymouth Art Weekender 2019 ended, the posters were made into an installation using a clothes dryer.